Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vacation in NC!

Sharyn graciously came up to relieve me for a few days with Gert. John and I took the opportunity to flit south to Sharyn's house in Wilmington, NC. 6 hours later (95 was backed up), here we are! Sadly, John is starting vacation in a bad way - he has a horrible cold. We're on the third day at this point and the guy is trying to be quite the trooper but all he wanted was Rock and Rye and tea when we got here. I called a few places and doesn't look like the state carries Rock and Rye so gave him meds and sent him off to bed. Hope he's better tomorrow. Regardless, he's going to have his cold baked out of him as we're hitting the beach for the day...I hope!

I'm like a nervous mother, leaving Sharyn and Carina in charge of Mom, 6 dogs and a cat. I trust them both fully but, still, wish I was there to tuck Mom in at night. I'll miss hearing her 'Good night, sweetheart' as I tuck her in and kiss her.

Came into Sharyn's house and went to put the luggage in her bedroom. Was so touched to see pictures of my Mom and Dad stuck in her bedroom mirror. Now, maybe she put them there because I was coming down to her house or maybe she put them there as she just plain old love my folks - doesn't matter which reason. Actions speak louder than words. And, looks to me like they've been there for quite a while. Really touched me.

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