Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No North Carolina pictures you say?

Well, the fact of the matter is that the pic to the left is the ONLY picture we have of our trip to NC. Someone (who shall remain nameless - oh, ok, it was ME...) left the camera battery for the Nikon D5000 at home. I was really hoping to get some beautiful beach scenes but, alas, the scenes are only in our memories.

We had a wonderful time! Mostly out of touch with all except brief calls to check on Mom. Lazy days at Carolina Beach were the best. Funky little town - if you go there, you have to stop in at the Fat Pelican - a bar unlike any other. You select your beer from a walk in cooler where 400 different brews await your arrival. "Eclectic" is the only word that comes to mind for the place and is a much nicer way to say "junky." There's an old whirlpool bathtub gurgling away with green water in the corner, plastic tables and chairs, graffiti ridden swings, barber chairs or any other type of sitting implement the owner picked up. Interesting characters abound including the obligatory bar dog, the largest lab I've ever set eyes on. "Attaboy" (great name) stands about 4 feet tall at the head and is every bit of 115 lbs with no fat on him. His head is about as wide as the beach! Beautiful creature and the gentlest soul in NC. We had a great time there.

Bobbi is in NC right now in a rental house with her dogs. Am missing her as I generally tag along on these trips but couldn't go this time and leave Mom so here I sit, on the back deck totally enjoying a delightful warm breeze. Ah, not too bad at all.

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