Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring days!

Ah! It's been just delightful over here in the gardens of the Mansion this year. The picture to the left is the memorial garden I started years ago for Dad and Steph. Most of the plants at this point are perennials which is quite nice as they appear on their own in the early days of spring. I've slowly been adding spots of color and have added double-begonias and impatients at this point.

I'm about to drag this old Manison into the 1960s - I'm putting in air conditioning this week! Yes, you read that right! No more window units - my dream is coming true. AND, the nicest part of all is that each and every room will have its own control so Mom's room can be much warmer than ours. Cannot wait; I have so missed AC each and every summer that I've been here.

The pool is opening today with the addition of a new pump. We've been working in the garden area over there too and will be sinking some bamboo (in pots so it doesn't go everywhere) for screening.

And, finally, John and I prepared the vegetable garden just last weekend. It's looking spectacular and will look even better with some big fat tomato plants in there. Hoping to get Mom out today to do a bit of shopping. Carina has done flitted off to Brazil again so Gert and I are on our own during the days. Bobbi and John keep us both well entertained most evenings so that's good.

John, Mom and I sat on the balcony last night and enjoyed the beautiful summery night. I'll post pictures later - I think I got some great ones.

More to come - stay tuned!

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