Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another outing with Gert and Carina!

I took Mom to a pain specialist yesterday to see if there was anything we could do to help her with her walking - her left knee is literally bone on bone. This is the result of standing on the cement floor at Town Hall for years upon years as she worked behind the counter. There were no ergonomics in 1958....

So, she ended up getting 4 shots in the knee which was not nearly as painful to watch as it was for her. I now understand mothers who cry when their baby gets an immunization. It almost killed me to be there, but I couldn't leave her alone. I still have marks in my hand from where she squeezed. Anyway, the injections consist of a steroid that is supposed to relieve the swelling and pain for up to 4 weeks. We'll see. We also got a new cream to try on her knee 4 times a day. I'm hoping something helps her as the poor thing barely tottles these days. She walks like a duck....

After our visit to the doctor, Gert was ready for a bourbon so off we went to the local hole in the wall, La Mex where Carina and I (and a host of the locals) propped her up on the barstool. She loves the freshly made salsa and chips and I meted out just 5 chips as was cautious of the salt. La Mex makes the things right there and doesn't add salt to the outside so we'll see what condition she's in this morning when she awakes. She downed those chips and snuck a few others before I moved the basket away. An hour later, I dropped Carina and Mom back off (thank you God for caregivers) and returned to my same seat, next to Miss Lowe and surrounded by the other locals. Had a lot of fun before heading home to my Mama.

Carina and I made up this recipe for a delicious low sodium chicken pot pie. Click HERE to see the recipe. Please leave me comments on the recipe page as that raises it up in rank and means more cash!

All in all, a successful day. 

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