Friday, June 17, 2011

Carina, Carina, Carina

What a joy it is to find someone like Carina to help with caregiving of Mom. Yesterday, Carina gave Mom a manicure AND a pedicure - who's the lucky one? Mom loves these treatments! Carina is trying to get me to rub stuff into Mom's feet every day but, hey, that's above and beyond my duties. I leave that to Carina for the 5 days a week she's here.

She's also a master at doing hair as can be seen from my great hairdo in the photo. And, although she runs behind me and puts my stuff away in places I'd never think of (like, um...the closet....), she's still a keeper. Love her dearly.

Mom's demeanor today is much different than yesterday - she's back 'on', at least for a bit. Before I put her to bed last night, I told her:

"You're not to get up until it's light out."

I know from experience that the best way to get something to sink into her brain is for her to repeat it, so, I asked her to do just that.

Her reply: 'You're not to get up until it's light out.' Slight problem.

So, I said, 'No, YOU'RE not to get up until it's light out.'

My red, white and true blue dessert shooter
She looks at me and says 'No, YOU'RE not to get up until it's light out' and then she cracked herownself right the hell up. She laughed and laughed at that. Sick little sense of humor the woman has....Good thing she's cute!

I'm starting a website to spotlight my dessert shooter articles. It will be up (one day in the near future) and will be I spent all day yesterday at the library working on the thing and, alas, didn't get so far.  John will help me this weekend. But, Carina and Mom have really enjoyed the fruits (or desserts...ha ha) of my labor. The pics below prove it!

Mom is a dessert shooter fan

Hot fudge sundae dessert shooter

Maybe I can put some weight on the poor child....

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