Thursday, June 16, 2011

On being played by a 94 year old...

So, as predicted, Mom woke up a 4:05am confused. I put her back to bed and patiently (?) explained that she couldn't get up when it was still dark out. Clapped my hands together, that was that, went back to bed.

45 minutes later, my rolling thunder is rolling again. Shoot. So, this time, I wasn't quite as patient (?) and went to see why she was up AGAIN. I reiterated that it was still dark out, it wasn't time to get up yet!

She looks at me and says "I need something to eat. I'm getting sick to my stomach." Shoot. Damn. Alright...

So, by the time she'd come downstairs and was rolling into the kitchen, I'd thought this through.

I said: "Since you're getting sick to your stomach, I'm not sure coffee will be so good for you."

I wish I'd had the camera to capture the look on her face. It was a bit of astonishment, a bit of "uh oh, this ploy backfired," and a bit of "what the hell do I do NOW?!"

I just laughed and gave her the cup of coffee and toast.

Being played by a 94 year old can be kind of amusing.


  1. Haha! Gert reminds me of my 3-year-old grandson, getting up at that hour. When he stays here, he tells me, "Grandma, I'm pretty hungry," like he hasn't eaten in days. At least they're both cute!

  2. Yes, I've often thought that "raising" a 94 year old is a bit like raising a 3 year old (sometimes, a 2 year old). She's just aging backwards. But, she's ok - i'll keep her for as long as I can.


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