Saturday, July 9, 2011

How deep is your love?

I was reminded of this song today as I drove Carina's car over to my house for a quick shower, restocking of some stuff for mom (Oreo cookies were a must...), baby powder to freshen her up, a clean nightgown and robe. The BeeGees were warbling this song somewhere around the 1/2 point on my way home and I started thinking - How deep is my love?

My love for my mother rivals only my love for John - I'm frequently torn between the two but, then again, I needn't be. John understands that my taking care of my mom was a promise I made to my dad and to my mom and he never makes me feel like that promise is a burden. Whatever I need or wherever I need to be, John supports me.

John and I were on the way to Ocean City this weekend for a much needed getaway. I had Carina and Liandro lined up for the weekend but, well, it just didn't work out that way. My plans were cancelled when Mom ended up in the hospital. How deep is my love? It didn't bother me a bit that I'm in a hospital room for 7 days with my Mom. It didn't bother me a bit that I scurried to find support (thank you Carina) to give me a few hours to run home, love my dogs, sleep in my bed, take a shower, and run back. How deep is my love? As deep as I promised my father while he was still living - I told him that mom would be with me forever. And she will be.

How deep is my love? As deep as it needs to be and for as long as it needs to be.

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