Saturday, July 30, 2011

New camera - the Sony DSC TX-10 Underwater

Well, I finally broke down and bought a water proof camera. The Sony I got goes to 15 feet for 1 hour - I really only wanted it for the jetski and boats and don't expect to stay under water 1 hour (if I do, I'm in trouble...).

Tried it out in the pool yesterday and took some fun pics which I will upload as soon as I figure out how. The thing does 3D pics too! And, it takes a really nice panorama shot which is way fun. This is my third teeny Sony although it's not quite as teeny as my first. This one has a touchscreen which is going to take a bit of getting used to.

I think the Sony will take gorgeous pics in Key West as we're renting a boat for Bobbi's birthday and heading out to the reef with John at the wheel. We did this last year and just had a total blast, bobbing around the reef on noodles until....we saw the shark. Bobbi and I hightailed it for the boat and John laughed at us, and then he stayed in the water for a bit. But, then....he saw the barricuda and he about jumped in the boat right over the side!

Mom is doing well. She and Matee are sleeping in her chair right now - Mom's hand is cupping Matee's face. Very cute. They're best of friends.

Tweetie continues to tame a bit although I'm missing a fairly significant piece of my index finger. Guess I was pushing things too quickly for his birdy comfort.

Off to do some cooking today for a sick friend; mac and cheese and salmon croquettes. Yum! Got cookies ready to go too.

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