Monday, August 1, 2011

Oy, my aching ...

I hate them all....
Well, at least I'm not the only one sore today after a day of general debauchery and jet skiing with people WAY younger than I am.

John and I somehow agreed (why, I'm not sure...) to meet up with Leandro and Carina and have a jet ski day. Well, I spent more time being bounced off the thing than successfully riding! At one point, I was very close to leaving the sucker bobbing on its own in the bay and swimming back to safety - that jet ski totally had it out for me. And, I wasn't the only one.

Here's an excerpt from an email that John sent me today:

Ok, my sternum hurts everytime I take a deep breath...
Butt hurts to sit down or standup.
Legs hurt to flex when sitting down, standing up and walking and crossing legs.
Tricepts hurt when stretching.
Biceps hurt picking up objects
Lats (back) hurts when stretching.
Lower back only hurts when sitting.  When standing...When laying down..
Great time this last weekend lol, feeling old.
Just thought I'd share.
We may not need new playmates as long as they just sit in one place with us while drinking.

Mom's in love with both of these people
So, there we have it. My only solace was seeing Carina limp into the house today, holding a hand to her back. She certainly didn't look 27 today! But, then again, I didn't look 53 - closer to 104...Mom could have beat both of us in a race today. And, when Carina told me that Leandro wasn't in much better shape, I felt (sadly) vindicated. I have NO idea why John and I thought we could keep up with these young 'uns....

I did have a great time trying out the new Sony DSC TX10 underwater camera and got some great shots. You can read the article I wrote detailing my review of the camera by clicking this link: My review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX10 underwater digital camera.

Mom is doing pretty well but has had a slower day today. But, that's ok - slow days happen as I've had one too!


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