Thursday, July 28, 2011

A new family member..

Yes, it's true. Somehow, John and I walked into the house with yet another pet - someone who obviously needed us even though he (or she) may not realize it...

...Enter 'Tweety' (hate the name but that's what Mom named her parakeet. I was a fan of Lemonchello....should have known the poor bird would end us with a dumb name).

Anyway, knowing how much mom loves watching the birds, we decided to surprise her with a beautiful yellow parakeet tonight. In fine Lori and John fashion, we totally tricked out the cage with a cuddle fish bone, extra seeds, a 3-way mirror (which cracked me up - it's like a fun house mirror which makes the bird look thinner or fatter, depending. I'm steering clear)....This is already one lucky bird. So, Tweety rounds our our menagerie to 6 dogs, 1 very very confused cat, and a parakeet. And, that is IT!

Here's a new Squidoo lens I just wrote about Tweetie and his habitat. Please give it a read and comment on it.
 Tricking out a parakeet cage

Carina and Liandro were here when we came in with Tweety so Liandro helped me put together the cage as John went about making an incredible dinner - spanish style. So good! Mom enjoyed calves liver, potatoes, fresh mozzarella over freshly picked tomatoes garnished with basil, a bit of Harvey's Bristol cream, and some coffee (yes, we gave her coffee...). John made the rest of us some delicious burritos with sausage, cheese, beans, etc. Steamed asparagus rounded out the meal and then some dessert shooters and appertifs occurred. Great time was had by all.

So, we had a great dinner in the dining room; Mom really enjoyed the banter and clearly has a crush on Liandro. He clearly returns the crush on Gertie. It's so sweet to see them together. There's about 70 years separating them yet they seem to have some sort of admiration relationship. I saw it when Liandro visited Mom in the hospital. There's a connection of sorts between them. And, for that, I'm eternally grateful. It's these friends who continue to support us who I believe keep Mom happier than she's been in years. Her mind is clearer, she laughs more, she has more opinions now than in the last 3 years. An amazing time is happening in our lives and I hope not to let it slip by unnoticed.

So, the 'younguns' (that would be Carina, Liandro, John and need for comments please) hopped in the pool after dinner and then the hot tub tonight after getting Gert settled in her chair. So much fun. I'm so grateful for wonderful friends.


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