Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another outing with Gert!

Video was taken this morning when I took Mom outside to bask in the gorgeous morning.

Yesterday, Carina and I once again blasted Mom out of her chair yesterday and tottled off to the mall in Frederick for some shopping. I made a tactical error by bringing them both with me though as I looked for some new, fun clothes for upcoming trip to Key West - they were a very tough crowd and ganged up against me in my choices for clothes. "No more black!" was the cry of the day - I guess I might be in a rut. So, the shopping trip was mostly a bust except for one little crocheted vest that I'm going to get Doris (one of our fab caregivers) to use as a pattern for me. Doris is very talented in sewing, knitting and crocheting and tried to teach me, to no avail.

After the mall, I took us to lunch at Monocacy Crossing, a small restaurant on 355 outside of Urbana. We sat outside under an umbrella and had a great lunch. Mom was in fine form and joined in the whole conversation. She was doing so well, I decided to drop by La Mex so the locals could see her. They had all been asking how she's been doing after her recent hospitalization. "Fabulous" is always my reply but I don't think they believe me! Anyway, Carina and I propped her up at the bar where mom had a bourbon and coke and chips and salsa. I'm not sure where she puts all this food as she does eat a LOT and all day long.

Brought mom and Carina home and got Mom settled back in her chair in comfy nightgown and robe. John picked me up and we were off to La Mex again, this time to meet up with Bobbi. A great afternoon/evening was had over here.

Here's my latest article: The value of friends. It's mostly a tribute to the people, both near and far, who keep me and mom emotionally propped up (and sometimes physically too). Please give it a read and read through my online friend's articles which are included.

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