Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's all about visits from friends...

Not a bad looking lady after 7 days in the hospital!
Spent the last few days having visitors come over, which is very nice - breaks up the routine. And, since Carina is in Brazil, the routine is getting b-o-r-i-n-g!

Kim and her two sons, Alex and Mitchell, came over the other day to visit, eat a few hotdogs, and get in the pool. I took advantage of her two sons being here and gave them some cash to weed the area around the pool. They did a great job, and we all got the whole area weeded. Kim and I are going to work out there later this week to put down weed block and mulch and put some big pots of bamboo in. The pool area is looking much better than it ever has so a pool party will be happening in August!

Niece Monya came down yesterday to visit Bubbie and me and sit for a spell. We had a great visit and a few good laughs. She caught us up on all the goings on in the Kline house which is a lot as she has 4 children - yes, that little teeny girl has 4 children. Say it with me, say it proud - we hate her....

Monya came bearing a beautiful sunflower bouquet which Mom can't stop staring at today. She was very touched that Monya came down - very sweet indeed. Monya is my sister's middle child and was only 15 when my sister died in a car accident. But, I have absolutely no doubt that my sister would be as proud of the woman and mother she's become as Bubbie and I are.

While Monya was here, I was working with a new caregiver, Raquel, to incorporate her into the care we do for Mom. It takes a while to work everyone into the routine but Gertie appears to be taking it a bit easier on these new caregivers. Thank you Lord.

John came home tonight and made a great dinner of low sodium veal scallopini and fresh green beans. We decided to top off the evening with a ride up to Jimmy Cone and put Mom in the front seat, nightgown, robe and all. The way I figure it, when one is 94, you can do whatever the hell you want - and, if that means going out in public in one's robe, well, that's what one should do.

Barley's hot spot is much improved although he was pretty uncomfortable the last few days. Benadryl to the rescue!

Lastly, I wrote this article on Squidoo today. I felt it was important to become schooled in what to expect when death looms. Now, I'm not saying that Mom is a goner anytime soon (in fact, she's better these days than she's been in the last few years) but I figured it was better to understand the process than to have to figure it out on the fly later. Here 'tis. Please leave me comments on the bottom (this boosts the lens rating and gets it, possibly, seen by more people). Also, please share these articles with others as you see fit:

When death looms - signs and symptoms of the last moments on earth

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