Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fresh as an old daisy

That pic is of Mom taken today right after I showered her and washed her hair. I love her hair on shower days - it's like working with white clouds. It's so beautiful. As is she.

She continues to have ups and downs. I put her back to bed this morning after coffee but she was up after 15 minutes ringing her bells on her walker. When I went in to find out what she wanted, she was sitting up in bed and said "What am I doing here?" Oh Lord, here we go again. I sat down and explained that she'd had breakfast #1 and it was time for a nap and then I'd get her up in an hour (it was, btw, 6 am...). I was tired!

I remember when I was young and she'd put me down for a nap when I wasn't tired, I'd ask why I had to lie down. "Because Mother is tired" was always her reply. I never got it until now.

Anyway, she did lay down and 15  minutes later, as I was drifting off to sleep, the jingle bells chimed again. Sigh. I gave up and put her  downstairs in her chair where she proceeded to fall sound asleep until I woke her at 9 for breakfast #2.

The chaplain from hospice is coming to visit today. She's non-denominational which is good and just will be another visitor for Mom, periodically. Carina is due back today, thank God. She missed her flight back from San Paulo on Sunday and was delayed a day but, meanwhile, I'm holding down the fort alone during the days. Exhausting. Luckily, I have John here most nights to help keep me sane. Well, as sane as I get these days.

So, everything is status quo. Mike will be back up here on his way back to Arizona sometime in August so we'll do a brunch on a weekend to get everyone together. And, not sure if I mentioned it or not but Sharyn is moving in with us for the month of August while Carina does training for United Airlines. At least I'll be able to get out a bit with Sharyn here. Mom does pretty well with her. I'm still planning on Key West for Bobbi's 50th with John, Bobbi, her sister Debbie and Debbie's significant other, Tom. Should be a great time. We're renting a boat and Captain John will skipper us away for the day. Can't wait.

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