Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 2 in the island paradise of Key West

You can't fake this kind of happiness
Well, day 2 found us wandering the streets until we landed for breakfast at Cheeseburgers. If you've been to Key West and have missed breakfast there, you didn't really experience Key West. It's just phenomenal and a certain diet buster. With full, stretched bellies, we waddled our way up Duval to do just a bit of shopping (and sipping along the way - well, it was HOT out! One needs to stay hydrated...and buzzed...).

Bought a very pretty pitcher at one of my favorite stores (funny, never have even seen the name of the place) and proceeded to fill it with a delicious Sangria from, um, another of my favorite places. Note to self: look at signs and learn names of favorite spots.

The afternoon found the three of us headed to our little beach area with ideas of sitting in the crystal clear Gulf but, alas, those damned jelly fish abounded so off we went to the pool. After awhile, we decided that we were, after all, worthy of a pool with an ocean view so off we went to the Island Key House to crash their gorgeous pool. We bobbed for a few hours, content as a pile of sleeping pups.

John got me a spa treatments (exfoliant with cuban coffee and sugar cane) which was about the best thing ever...well, besides being in Key West! I came out just glowing and all ready to party until I found poor John down on his game. He was sick. Oh no! WTH? It was a very sad time. I nursed him the best I could - gave him ginger ale and a pepsid and tucked him back into bed. I ended up meeting Bobbi for a bit - we sat in the window of the Bull and Whistle (there! I got one!) and watched the crowd walk by. If you're a people watcher, the window of the Bull and Whistle is prime territory to see about everything you've ever imagined. A few men walked by and tickled our feet which were propped up. Funny. Took a bunch of picture which was pretty hilarious. I almost always have closed eyes when using a flash so Bobbi gave me a tip which was to open my eyes W-I-D-E before the picture. Well, here's the results....I think I'd rather have closed eyes....and botox...

Bobbi and I came back to the room to check on poor John. He was feeling better but still not in the mood to come out with us so more tucking occurred and Bobbi and I were off again. This time, we stopped at Two Friends for a quick beer (hydration and buzz) and then over to "The Martini Bar" - not it's name but, as per my usual, I can't remember the real name. The place makes the best danged martinis though. I had a key lime martini which is a must have if you're ever in Key West - not that you could find it from my description.

So, our bellies totally full and our minds totally happy, we headed back to our respective hotels. And, here I sit, at 7 am on another glorious day, on the ocean front balcony at the Hyatt. Life is very good.

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