Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Downsie Daisy...

Post fall, Gert ordered a bloody mary
Ugh. First off, Mom is fine but she had her first fall last Saturday - I swear Sharyn pushed her. Sadly, Sharyn and I were right there, but neither of us could get to her so SPLAT, down she went, backwards. Her walker got caught on the edge of the rug (no comment needed about tacking down the rug - I know), I saw it happening but I was just ahead of her and she was out of reach. Scared the crap out of all involved. I had big brother Mike call the hospice immediately while I cuddled behind her on the floor. The nurse called back within 2 minutes (hospice is da bomb) and had me run through a few things to check Mom for. Interestingly, I had intuitively done most of the things like moving her arms and legs, checking her for contusions, etc. She was fine and we righted her in no time flat. But, the new rule, sort of like 2 hands on the wheel, is one hand on the Gert.

This little girl was delighted with Gizmo
Had a very nice brunch with a small group this time - very intimate and fun for all involved. Mike was visiting and Sharyn's been living her for the month to help out with Mom so that was the core group. John had to work (the poor sot) but Doris and Marshall (cousins) joined us and we all sat around Mom and told great stories. Doris told me a beautiful story about Marshall's mom (Aunt Yetta) that I will blog once I get a picture of her. Later in the afternoon, Carina and Leandro stopped by with Leandro's darling daughter. When Mom heard they were on their way, she immediately sat up and "did" her hair for Leandro. There's definitely a love connection between the two. So, Carina's gang was the second wave during which John was able to join us, so we again sat around Gertie and laughed and talked for a few hours. All in all, a great time was had.

I'm starting to plan Mom's 95th birthday as I do think we'll make it! I think we're going to do a pajama party so that we all match Miss Daisy. And, I'm going to make a rule that no one gets in the house unless they drove in their jammies. I think the stories about the looks the guests get while driving will be as much fun as the party.

Carina is a great Mom and it shows
She wanted to know why she couldn't take Bo Bo home as I had so many dogs, she wouldn't be missed!


  1. I miss you so much!

  2. I'm guessing "Anonymous" is Carina and, if so, we miss you too! Come home!


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