Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Christmas Squidoo lenses

Picture has nothing to do with this blog post - I just thought it was sweet of Sharyn and her dog Wilber-beast.

I bowed under the pressure to make some serious sales so have departed from writing my normal elderly people, pets, or dessert shooter articles. I'm onto Christmas stuff now. So, the below are my newest Squidoo lenses on Christmas decorations. I was going to do one on Channukah decorations, but, very very sadly, they are few and very far between on

Fresh Christmas Wreaths - Sharyn and I used to put together very beautiful wreaths and table decorations made from any items we could find on our walk. These are fun to make.

Snowman Christmas Decorations - Snowmen make me smile.

Snowflake Christmas Decorations - Snowflakes on noses and...something, something, something as the song goes...

And, just so I'm not a total sell out, here's a few of my more quality lenses:

When death looms; the signs and symptoms of the last moments on earth - I wrote this while Mom was in the hospital and we'd been told she wasn't doing well. As I sat up at nights in her room watching over here, I was frightened by what I might see. I needn't have been - this article is a result of the research I did that night. I'm no longer frightened and neither is she.

Things I wish I had known before becoming a caregiver - boy, there's some stuff I wish I'd been told!

Senior citizen gift ideas - there's some good ideas here if you've got a senior in your life.

Resources for caregivers of the elderly - there's a few good ideas here or links to places to get support

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