Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Key West Thunderstorm

The picture has absolutely nothing to do about a Key West thunderstorm but it is one of my favorites that I just found again. This pic was taken in the beach house I rented a few years ago - Mom was 93 then! She and Rita were having the best conversation - they were really getting it. Of course, no one else was privy to the gist o the matter but, what mattered the most was that they were so connected. It remains today one of my all time favorite pics.

John and I are in Key West again! Home, sweet home! Unfortunately, the boy is sick with a cold so is under the weather, which, as I type, is a great thunderstorm complete with lightning and driving rain. I'm sitting on the balcony overlooking the pool and sheltered from the brunt of the weather - just where I like to be. We're going parasailing today, provided John's cold and the weather both clear up. Regardless, a great time is being had by all even though the air line left our bag in Atlanta! Yep, we're clothe-less, mostly. The airline accepted full responsibility and gave me carte blanche to go buy whatever we needed for the day, on them. So, 2 very nice bathing suits later (one for each of us), a beautiful sarong and matching headband (for me!), and a boatload of toiletries and we were all set. Mostly. Sure would like to have a new pair of shorts but I think my time limit has worn out as the luggage is due here by noon.

Parasailing should be a great time today - I'll make sure to take the waterproof camera with us and get a bunch of shots. The Sony takes a nice panorama also so that should be fun. Wish us luck!

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