Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best Cuban Coffee on the island!

Blossom's! Pictures are from our walk to and fro which exhausted poor John. I'm now perched by the pool, beer in hand, computer logged in, with a Stephen King book by my side. Quite a nice morning, all in all. John's back down for a nap at the moment. This is a "different" type of Key West than we're used to but, it's still very good. More later after parasailing (I hope). Weather is still iffy.

Loving the new MacBook Air computer. It's so very easy to tote everywhere and much quicker speed than the reviewers show. Of course, I'm working on Island Time so I don't mind a bit of a wait to upload pictures. The battery life is amazing too - 10 hours. We watched youtube videos last night and even have HBO to go on the thing. I'm ready for a rainy day!


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  2. Wow! You guys really decorated great. Awesome job.


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