Saturday, October 15, 2011

Laid back days

...and then a visit to the dentist, again. Poor Mom lost another tooth - and, once again, no tooth fairy knocked at the door. Drats. Since we're in comfort care mode, I made her lamb chops and gave her the bone. Bad move. Very bad move. So, off to the dentist we tottled to get the root pulled. She was quite the trooper but did request that I remain in the room with her - ugh. For those of you who don't know me well, I'm really not a fan of blood - ever. The extraction wasn't too bad as Dr. Chan is the best dentist in the Washington area. And, he worked us into his busy schedule the day I called. Gotta love that some people still give the elderly the right of way. Speaking of which, here's an article I wrote about how Americans treat the elderly:

American attitudes toward the elderly

We're working our way through some type of dog flu over here which is fairly disastrous to my area rugs. For some reason that totally escapes me, the dogs insist on vomiting on carpet. Now, my entire house is hardwood - you'd almost have to aim to hit a rug but little Matee hit 3 today. Rita ended up at the vet with IV fluids on Monday - there goes my bank account! Eh, they're all worth it. I've got my eye on Gizmo now though as by my estimation, she's next on the flu train. Rita was the sickest of the bunch and spent a lot of time in Mom's arms sleeping. It's so wonderful to me when Mom really kicks back into mothering mode. And, when anyone is sick or hurting (my back is killing me today), she's the first one with suggestions about what to do. The wonderful woman wanted to rub my back with ben gay today (no thanks!) and, instead, John and I spend 40 minutes in the hot tub with the jets on high. That, coupled with 1/2 a percocet set me straight. Actually, I'm leaning - to the left - which is normal...

I took some great photos of Carina with the dogs recently. Here's a few (say it with me - say it proud - we hate her...)


  1. I love the pics!
    And I know you do NOT have me!
    Love ya..

  2. whoooooops...I mean... You do NOT HATE me!!


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