Monday, July 7, 2008

Reunion time

Well, it’s been a very busy few days around here. I dropped Mom off for a visit and dinner at Ron’s Thursday night while I went to a reunion party of my old ‘gang.’ Now, we were a ‘gang’ of kids before ‘gang’ was a bad thing. We’d play flag football in the median strip (when there was a median strip!) of Norbeck road when Norbeck was 2 lanes. We’d get together at someone’s house to watch tv or have impromptu parties in the summer. We’d put on the latest music (generally Bobby Sherman or, if we were feeling adventuresome, the Stones) and dance, dance, dance. We’d make up line dances before we knew that they’d one day be popular. And, that Hustle dance? We were all about getting those moves just right! I believe it might have been Mike who even had a white suit but not sure about that…

We had the childhood that others dream of – loads of fun. I don’t ever remember complaining that there was ‘nothing to do’ and we weren’t inside watching tv either. We’d play kickball in the court where I lived and late summer nights would find me and 3 or 4 friends sitting in the gazebo in the court where I lived, sipping an illegal beer (that’s about the extent of our rebellion back then). We’d sit on the transformer in front of Robin’s house and watch the cars go by. Or lie on our backs in the grass and watch the clouds float by.

So, after 32 years, it was time to see some of these people again. Most of the core group showed – Robin, Sharon, Mike, Don, Tom, Janet, Andi, Howie and me – some of them toting significant others, some coming stag or toting their kids.

It’s always interesting to me to see how similar the kids are to the parents. Janet and Tom's baby (who is 15!) looks just like Janet at that age. Very fun to see - almost like being in a time warp. I spent a fair amount of time goofing off with her.

I looked over one time and saw Sharon and Robin viewing old pictures. I love the granny glasses on both! This is the synopsis of the party. We all are certainly aging (that goes without saying) but, in the end, we're all pretty much the same people we were before - only with granny glasses.
John and I saw some gorgeous fireworks on the way home – big bonus to being out late on July 3. All in all, a nice time was had by all.

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