Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy days - fun filled evenings

Well, not much going on at the old Mansion East yesterday. I spent most of the morning on house/car issues which, sadly, is pretty typical around here.

I did have some fun though with my Blackberry at the Frederick MVA as there are some sights there that you, well, just don't see anywhere else in the world. My favorite family montage was a woman Bobbi claimed (after seeing the picture) was one of 3 wives - she had brown hair to her waist, pulled back in a tidy clip at the crown of her head (it's important to get that 'poof' up there just right) and then cascading down her back in 3 long braids, each ending in a red ribbon - a l-o-n-g red ribbon. What I assumed was her son-in-law was a stunning black man with hair the color of buttah - spiked. He had a nice touch of having one teeny weeny braid ending in one teeny weeny bead. Sort of looked like Crabman on My Name is Earl. Now, the crowning participant though was his girlfriend/wife (relationship assumed by her position of reclining across his lap in the front row of the MVA). She was about 16, in a buff colored bustier which, excuse me, didn't quite cover her bust. It ending way north of her pierced navel. The jeans were low riders and quite unassuming until you got to the belt buckle which was a sunflower - and a BIG sunflower. Now, this woman obviously had assumed her mother's penchant for scarves as she had, not only one, but TWO long green scarves adorning her - one tied in her hair and the other tied like a cast on her arm - come to think of it, do they make casts in green polka dots? At any rate, taking stealth pictures of the motley crew kept me amused for the requisite hour while I waited for the MVA staff to finish their lunches, play computer games, etc.

Mom's feeling much better and stronger these days as can be witnessed by an episode yesterday afternoon:

I came in from an hour outside to find her dressed and pertly sitting in her chair. I was a bit surprised as it generally takes the two of us (me being the 'dresser', she being the 'dressee') to get her up and at em. I asked her who helped her get dress - I didn't hear Sophia (or Jeff?!) come in! She said she did it herself. I said that I didn't realize she could do that and she made a similar comment. I believe this was the moment when the gig was up. I've got the mop and broom ready for this morning....No more of this walker crap....

Old friends, Andi and Howie (probably 'Howard' to anyone who hasn't known him for the past - um, few years....) Anyway, Andi called in the afternoon and wanted to drop by to give me a gorgeous silver necklace they'd gotten me and 2 rose bushes - one for Mom, one for me. Too sweet. Threw some chicken kabobs on the new grill (still da bomb!) - they brought fresh corn which accompanied the chicken, made some jasmati rice with basil in my rice cooker (if you don't have one of these things - get one. Amazing invention). Grilled, marinated portobello mushroom topped with Parmesan rounded out the meal. Fresh fruit and coffee for dessert and some nice talk, loads of laugh. Mom had a great time, as did I. Talked a bit about Dad - he's always very close by when friends are here. Got some fun pictures. Mom and Rita continued their nightly bonding exercise. - well, Mom bonded, Rita slept...

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  1. Tales of summer with a 91 year old? I think it should read "Tales of a summer with a 91 year young" You all look like a happy family. God bless.


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