Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

7 of them, to be exact. We've got 4 pups of our own, we have Matee right now, and, currently, we have Bobbi's 2 girls, Wheezie and Naiobi too. 7 dogs is a LOT. Luckily, everyone gets along pretty well. Actually, Matee has been having some control issues which is amazing considering 5 of the dogs outweigh her by 50 lbs. All in all, a fairly quiet evening ensued anyway. Picture to the left is the closest I could get to getting all in the frame - that's Naiobi, Matee, Hops, Barley and, that brown blob in the forefront is Killian saying goodbye...Rita was having none of it, having put herself back to bed safely in her crate.

Took Mom to the nurse yesterday for a tuneup. She was deemed fine and her blood pressure is back down to 120/60 - excellent. Headed to the mall in celebration where we exchanged a robe John and I had bought her last month (too big). Bonus was that the robe was on sale for 25% off - score!

Came home and just relaxed after our big day out. Have friends coming for dinner tonight and dear Sophia is treating us to a chinese surprise dinner. Her chinese is always most welcome (and, considering the fact that I don't have to cook, I love her even more for it!).

I came across this video of Mom I took earlier this summer at the cabin. I had been spraying bugs and she was marveling at the fact that the spray worked so well. Here's her imitation of a post-sprayed dying bug (well, we have to keep ourselves entertained...):

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