Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unwanted visitor...

So, after dousing myself with gasoline while filling up the lawnmower, pumped up the tire and starting it up, drove it to the backyard to find that, once again, the blade won't engage. Should have known the type of day it was going to be right there.

Decided to do a bit of pool maintenance and thought about a quick dip but then thought better as water was a bit cold. Added chemicals, peered into the blue water while daydreaming about being in warm water somewhere with a cool mimosa when....what's this? Can't be. What the....?

My visitor peered at me questioningly as he (?) cozily swam by and dove into a pile of leaves on the bottom. He must have been feeding on the remains of...well, never mind.

Lesson learned....nevah, evah get into a pool without knowing exactly who your neighbors might be!

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