Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3rd...again

Well, it's been 19 years ago today since my sister died in a car accident in Frederick. It's hard to imagine how life has changed during this time. Her children are grown with darling children of their own. My father is now gone but, thankfully, my gorgeous mother is going strong - well, sort of.

Mom's eye is still quite painful and will be until the rest of the stitches are removed on Dec 15th - that seems like a long time away. We had a tylenol #3 party over here the other day, chased with small shots of Harvey's Bristol Cream. At least it made her smile. We're hoping to step out to Atlantic City in the very near future for a change of scenery. And, Mom and Dad both have always claimed that nothing hurts you at a blackjack table - I can verify that, having spent a fair amount of time at a table with a broken foot...Broken foot? What broken foot??! And, Dad was never more limber than when he was throwing dice (and making his numbers!).

John and I spent last night at Brookside Gardens, strolling through and enjoying the Chrismas Lights. It was a beautiful night and we had the gardens all to ourselves. I had been to these years ago and it was a totally different experience - crowded, not much fun. This year, though, it was pretty magical.

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