Monday, February 23, 2009

On dog training, or, well not...

We're back up to 5 dogs over here as Barley is back for a few days. I've been missing the little guy so asked John to bring him down for a visit. Gotta cut toenails and do brushings today which takes a few hours, all told. Someone (name shall remain anonymous) could also use a bath but it's going to be quite chilly today so will have to hold off.

Came downstairs the other day to find little Rita furiously hiding items in her chair. Wrote this eHow for her - well, she can't type (no opposable thumbs - VIC, that was for you...!).

How to Decorate a Chair (From a Hoarder Dog Perspective)

I'm getting ready for the trip to Florida - just 8 days until I drive down. After we pick up Namaste, John and I are seriously considering heading down to Key West. There's a marina there that we looked at in October where we can rent a slip for 2 or 3 days if we want or, alternatively, we can just anchor offshore. There's quite a few little islands that we think would be fun to explore and the reef is right there so snorkeling right off the boat sounds about right. Might even have to get a few fishing poles and try our luck at catching dinner! We'll be taking John's computer with us so we'll be able to update and keep our fans drooling with gorgeous pictures right from the water. Can't wait! And, sitting at the Bull and Whistle after a full day sailing will fit the bill! So, we'll see. More later!

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