Thursday, August 6, 2009

Knowing Gert better....

So, I got this quiz forwarded to me on Facebook. I don't generally do these things but thought it would be fun to have Mom complete it. She sure looks boring by her answers below. I might need to do this quiz too, now that I think of it. The below answers are from dear Gert (my comments are in blue)...

1. Been arrested? N

2. Kissed someone you didn't like? N

3. Slept in until 5:00 PM? N

4. Ran a red light? N (I don't believe it....)

5. Been suspended from school? N

6. Experienced love at first sight? Y (Joe!)

7. Totaled your car in an accident? Y

8. Been fired from a job? N (not fired, laid off - JC Penney)

9. Fired somebody? Y

10. Sang karaoke in public? N

11. Pointed a real gun at someone? N

12. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? N (don't believe this one either - she says she doesn't want to flunk this test..)

13. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Y

14. Kissed in the rain? Y

15. Had a close brush with death (your own)? N

16. Seen someone die? N

17. Played spin-the-bottle? Y (In school, we'd play spin the bottle - schools must have been 'looser' back then....)

18. Smoked a cigar? N

19. Sat on a rooftop? Y (and got paddled for it when Bubie found out....)

20. Smuggled something into another country? N

21. Grown your own vegetables? N

22. Broken a bone? N

22. Posed for a racy photograph? N (this one elicited a long 'Noooooooo' - I didn't ask...)

23. Eaten a bug? N

24. Sleepwalked? N

25. Walked a moonlit beach? N

26. Rode a motorcycle? No (this one came out with a long 'I don't think mother wouldn't let me.' Funny thing is my mother won't let me either and now I have a rather large scar on the back of my right leg so I understand this rule now).

27. Dumped someone? N

28. Lied to avoid a ticket? N (I'm thinking Mother Theresa is sitting here next to me and I KNOW that ain't right).

29. Ridden in a helicopter? N

30. Shaved your head? N

31. Made a loved one cry? Y

32. Eaten snake? N

33. Marched, demonstrated, or protested in public? N

34. Buried a pet in the back yard? N

35. Vomited on an amusement ride? N

36. Seriously and intentionally boycotted something? N

37. Been in a band? N

38. Been on TV? N

39. Shot a gun? Y

40. Skinny-dipped? N

41. Gave someone stitches? N

42. Ridden a surfboard? N

43. Drank straight from a liquor bottle? N ( I know she's not right as I have a picture, somewhere, of her sucking down liquor....note to self: must find photo)

44. Had surgery? Y

45. Sent back a meal in a restaurant because it wasn't acceptable? N

46. Taken by ambulance to hospital? Y (Sadly, yes...)

47. Fainted? Y

48. Been in handcuffs? N (hmmm...this No was slow in coming...)

49. Donated blood? N

50. Written a love poem? N

51. Eaten alligator meat? N

52. Killed an animal? N

53. Seen a U.S. president in person? N

54. Sneaked into a movie without paying? N

55. Written graffiti? N

56. Still love someone you shouldn't? N

57. Saved someone's life? N

58. Believe in love? Y

Now, since the above quiz seems like I have a quite boring, strait-laced mother, let's make up some questions of our own...

1. Ever cheated in poker? N (hmmmm....)

2. Ever lost more than $1000 gambling? Y

3. Seen Michael Jackson? Y

4. Worked your ass off (this was her helpful entry into the list): Y

5. Loved a dog? Y

6. Put lard on your father's wallpaper board (which, btw, he used in his livelihood...) and use it as a sliding board with your baby brother (who is 91 now): Y

7. Driven a turquoise and white Desoto convertible? Y - sure wish we still had that car...sigh.

8. Know how to answer a bluetooth? Y (hello?).

9. Loved the same man 65.5 year? Y (that love remains today too..)

10. Had a favorite child? Y (didn't ask - didn't want to know).

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