Sunday, April 18, 2010

It just happens....

Well, it's happened again - it just sort of happened. John and I were minding our own business yesterday, having a cocktail at La Mex when we spied a young girl who appeared to be delighted, walking a large rat on a leash. Upon closer inspection, the 'rat' was a messed up looking little dog. She's right around 10 lbs and just a bit porky at that, a part yorkie, part terrier of some type. Whatever she is, she's having some pretty bad hair days. She and John are in the running for worst bedhead....There's not a clear cut winner at the moment.

So, I gave mom the right to name the new one and I believe it's Sweet Pea although I was much more excited about Pinot or Shirley Temple. It'll be what it'll be. I gave her a piece of a rimadyl (the dog, not mom) this morning after reading her vet records and seeing she'd been on it before. She's got a suspected flea allergy which is pretty miserable for her at the moment. I'm going to give her an oatmeal bath today, probably do that twice to try and relieve the itching. Vet first thing tomorrow if I can get her in. She's sound asleep on my arm right now. Darling little thing. Rimadyl must be working. She fell sound asleep on Mom's lap last night - I think she's going to fit in just right. So, that's 3 girls, 3 boys and an even more confused cat right now. But, it's all good.

Matee and Rita are not pleased.

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