Thursday, July 22, 2010

My luck continues...

My delightful extremely significant other (the better half of my soul) came home last night and asked me out to a romantic dinner. So, I quickly finished up the spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove, added some noodles for Mom and cooked up some Texas Toast to complete her dinner before running upstairs to change and zoom out the door. And, zoom I did!

We headed to a favorite spot, Cava. For anyone in the DC area, Cava is a Greek restaurant owned by young dudes who are quite easy on the eyes and nice to boot. They make some of the best greek food in the area, served in tapas sized portions, just right for sharing. And, the martini menu is among the best in the nation. Order a lemon drop martini (not sweet, please) and you'll be presented with the perfectly tart treat, complete with sugared rim (they always ask) and a slice of fresh, juicy lemon. Yum. Also, if you like spicy food, you can't beat the Crazy Feta which is fresh feta mixed with just the right amount of jalapenos. A fantastic, candlelit dinner for two was had and I was so grateful.

But, alas, my traveling man is off again for two days down to his boat from which he'll work. We're heading off to the cabin for the weekend to float the Great Cacapon river before he heads back to New Jersey for all of next week. Bobbi is pretty good at relieving boredom over here when he's gone as Mom and I just tend to run out of stuff to do/talk about but Bobbi's tales are always fun. And, let me tell ya, the woman has some tales.

We're gearing up for Key West next month for 4 days. Sharyn will meet John and me in the Fort Lauderdale airport for the drive down to KW. We're staying in a very nice upscale hotel that John and I found earlier this year on our semi-annual trip. And, the hotel is in a great location - just right to tottle back from the Conch Republic or the Wharf bar around 2 am. Can't wait for vacation!

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