Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dinner with Gert

Found this post hidden - never published so here 'tis:

John went up to his house in WV tonight, leaving the 'ladies' (there's a reason that's in quote but I'll never tell..) - anyway, he left the 'ladies' on our own. So, off I go for takeout for Gert and me (and the dogs - they always get leftovers). One stop at the sushi bar and one stop at the chinese restaurant later and Gert and I were chowing down on some really good soup and sushi (for me) and an egg roll (for her). Sat in the dining room and had a great evening for an hour and a half or so. These are the BEST times with Mom - sitting alone, just us, talking about the 'good old days.'

Mom told me that she made $5 a day for an 8 hour shift while working in St. Joe when she was 16. Now, by the time I was 15, I was earning a big $1.83/hour (minimum wage back in the day). Robin - still one of my favorite people in the world - was my 'boss' and made, I think, $.50 more an hour - an appreciable markup for, well, telling ME what to do...But, I digress...

We used to have just a ball at the Morningside Cleaners, working evenings after school and Saturdays, during the day. We even had our own groopies. Yes, we had it GOIN' on. And, in looking back, I'm so very glad that my parents instilled a work ethic in me. I took a crummy job at the cleaners and, well, I was to make the best of it. And, I did. Getting up on Saturday morning and going to work at 7 am when the rest of my friends were in bed (Robin included..after all, she was the boss...) set forth my lifelong love of the mornings. To this day, I'm happiest in the morning.

John and I both love the mornings - we get up around 4:30 or 5 am and have time in the hot tub with coffee before Gert starts stirring for the day. I've gotten in the habit of walking Killian early in the am and I think we both appreciate the great start of the day. Not a bad start at all...


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