Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally, a day with Bon Bons

Anyone who has cared for a child or an elderly parent knows that the old vision of housepeople (they can't be called housewives any longer) sitting on their butts on a cushy sofa while popping Bon Bons is an unattainable dream. Unless, of course, one buys Bon Bons, happens to get a rainy day and something good to watch on TV, and has an elderly parent. I have found Mom's (and Matee's) new favorite treat.

Among Mom's other favorite treats are crabs. Sadly, she gets every single claw so Bobbi and I are usually just handing them over when she looks at us with that hangdoggy look. She doesn't have to say a word as her look does it for her. We've had many nice crab feasts this summer. The picture documenting such here was from August when John and I bought some crabs off a couple of men who were crabbing off the bridge down by John's boat. They were totally delicious. Might have been the best crabs I've ever in my life had.

And, then, there's the many many happy hours spent with John, Bobbi and Mom on the back porch. Plates of cheese, pickles and crackers accompany a glass of sherry for Mom and more substantial beverages for us! Many wonderful times are  had here at this old house with that old lady...

Cheese and crackers keeps her happy too

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