Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Just love this pic of my folks
It dawned on me yesterday morning that that evening would be the first day of Hanukkah. Hmmmm...hadn't even really thought much about the holiday but mentioned it to Mom and she said she'd like to have some potato pancakes. Check. I can do that. I told her I'd mix some up to go with the meatloaf I had planned. She looked a bit disappointed and I knew what was coming. Brisket. She wanted brisket and potato latkes so, well, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

So, we had a little impromptu Hanukkah dinner with Andi, Howie, Bobbi, John, Gert and me. These quick little pick-up dinners are actually a lot of fun. We certainly appreciated celebrating the holiday with these wonderful friends. I used my battery operated candles as the menorrah. Mom recited the prayer with me which was sweet, and surprising. It's interesting to me the things she has stored in her long term memory.

John surprised me a few weeks ago with an early Hanukkah present - the MacBook. LOVE the thing. Although, there has been a learning curve, it's about the most fun computer out there in my book (pun intended). Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun computer, maybe not the best in the world though in a business environment.

Anyway, Happy Hanukkah everybody! Hope the holiday season brings you much joy.

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  1. I've been enjoying your blog. Just got home from work about 15 minutes ago and this is the first thing I hit. :) Gert sounds like a real trooper and actually, so do you. Love the pictures. Gert is a beautiful lady, pups aren't too shabby either. ;P

    Thanks for including the links. Your whole blog looks really nice, you are way ahead of me on the blogging thing.

    Hugs, Elaine


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