Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amazing snow storm today!

Wow! It was just an amazing storm that blew through yesterday anddropped over 6" of snow on The Mansion. John and I sat in the hot tub for almost two hours, witnessed 3 branches biting the dust under the heavy, wet snow and really enjoyed the moments. The best part though was when a FLYING SQUIRREL visited the bird feeder at 8 pm! Now, I grew up in Maryland and have long known that flying squirrels were around but never have seen one. This guy was just about 10 feet from where we were sitting in the tub and soared from the 'potting shed' (probably the old potty) to the bird feeder, about 15 feet away. He didn't quite make the feeder and landed at the bottom of the statuary holding the feeder. In just a moment, he jumped up the 6' to the feeder and had at it. Very very neat to watch.

Mom had a very slow morning yesterday, having taken off her oxygen a few times last night. She's definitely needing the O2 during the night in order to be really 'with it' during the morning hours. She's had 3 really good days in a row so today was just a sort of 'off' day but it was ok anyway. I'm was on it last tonight, having set my alarm to get up and check that the O2 is on. She's still an amazing woman....

I took her out a few days ago to run a few errands as it was a balmy 45 degrees. After getting her dressed in 4 layers, she informed me that it was just like dressing a 'Barbie' doll. Um, not quite. I had her so bundled up that she could barely move but she was at least warm! We were going to meet John out for a cocktail but he was running late from work so we just came home and got in jammies - Gert's favorite part of the day.

Catching up below with some pictures of some favorite times and friends:

Jeff and Rita's mutual admiration society

Dear friend, Jeff

2 of the most important people in my life

A contented rescue cat

Pretty woman still at 94

Arms full of dogs

Barley aging nicely

Howie and 'Snoopy'


  1. Looking good, Gert and everyone! Your hot tub story was great, Lori! Sounds so nice soaking while snow all around.

  2. The hot tub makes all the difference in the world of relaxation. We love hanging out there in the rain or snow. I have a big umbrella I put up in the heaviest rain but, otherwise, we just plain old love the elements!

  3. haha !! i love the idea of this blog :) I know my grandmother is the funniest person who knew hanging out with elderly folks could be soo much fun :) i learn to cherish the momoents i have with her. --julie :)


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