Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gizmo, the cocker spaniel

I must have had an extra $50 in my pocket the day I picked up a Doggie DNA test at the local Costco. Now, I know these things are rip offs but thought it might be interesting to try and see what the heck makes up little Gizmo. My best guess (and I'm usually pretty close) is a schnauzer/poodle (a Schnoodle, if you will), or a Yorkie mix of some type.

Imagine my surprise when the Doggie DNA breed analysis came up with....drum roll please.....

A cocker spaniel and german shepherd mix! OMG! I just burst out laughing! I'm not sure they could be any further off unless they had detected Great Dane and Mastiff.

Here's a squidoo lens I wrote about Gizmo, the dog born to ride

Regardless of what type of mutt she is, she's brought much joy and laughter into the house and into Mom's life and lap. She's always hanging around, sometimes even on the back of Mom's chair waiting for a handout or a soft pat. What a wonderful find Gizmo was.


  1. Gizmo!
    What a nice name, lots of love from Peru

    Kind regards,

    Quilting Fabric

  2. that is the sweetest dog i have ever seen!! rabbit ears! :D x


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