Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can you hear me NOW???

Life around here just gets funnier and funnier, if you have the right sense of humor, which, thankfully, I do (well, now, that really depends on whom you ask, but the ones who would say I do have a great sense of humor are on the top of the list).

Here's a typical conversation which happened today - note: Gertie's hearing is not what it used to be. In fact, put succinctly, it sucks...

Let me set the scene:

I walk into the livingroom with breakfast #2 for Gert (it's 11 and she's a bit off her feed. She's usually chowing down on breakfast #3 by now). Regardless, I digressed...

So, the news is blaring in the livingroom but, you probably know that as you probably heard it too. Loud enough to rattle my back teeth. We were asked by National Airport to turn it down as it was interfering with their communication with the planes....

Anyway, the newscast about the Bronx zoo's lost snake is on and I catch just the end.

Lori: Mom, did they say the snake is still loose?
Gert: What goose?
Lori: Snake. SNake. SNAke. SNAKe. SNAKE!!!! IS IT STILL LOOSE?
Gert: There's two snakes loose?! Where are they??
Gert: Two loose?
Lori: Sighs. Yes, two loose...



  1. Oh man, that is funny! It reminds me of trying to communicate with my dad. He was deaf and you had to yell OVER THE TV to be heard. I love the "stealth secret sound amplifier" ad on this page. It looks like a phone dealie that everyone was glued to their ears. Gert should get one and she'd be stylin'.

  2. Ha ha, Peg! I can't get her to admit she doesn't hear let alone going along with a stealth secret sound amplifier! And, the truth is, she doesn't need to hear all that goes on over here anyway!


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