Saturday, July 23, 2011

Squidoo Lens of the Day!

Well, I got an incredible honor yesterday when my Incontinence in the Elderly lens won lens of the day on Squidoo, a writing site I'm trying out. The article got over 180 views yesterday and is on its way to besting that today. Here's the writeup from the Squidoo dudes who post the Lens of the Day:

Shhhhh. It’s one of those things that no one wants to talk about, but everyone questions. It’s one of those things everyone Googles but doesn’t discuss in the coffee shop. It’s a fact of life for millions of aging adults and their caretakers. It’s Incontinence in the Elderly.
Let me say a loud “W00T!” to GottaLoveIt for tackling an often avoided topic with compassion and personal knowledge. There’s no one more qualified than a caretaker in the trenches to share their experience about health, medical, and psycho-social issues. For the rest of us also dealing with it, it’s a blessing to see a lensmaster willing to share. After all, it’s kind of an important issue.
Nominating lensmaster Hotbrain says it best. “It’s a great example of UUU! She wrote about a sensitive topic in an entertaining and informative way. Very helpful lens.”

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