Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Community Bridge in Frederick, MD

Last week, Mom, Carina, Patricia and I wandered up to see the Community Bridge in Frederick, MD. This bridge is just amazing - I think I wrote about it earlier in this blog. Regardless, every time we visit, Mom and I see something new. And, looking at the beautiful painted bridge through the eyes of Carina and Patricia, neither of whom had seen it, was a lot of fun.

The Community Bridge is actually a plain old cement bridge that has been painted to look like cobblestone. Within the cobblestones are scenes that the community of Frederick suggested. The scenes are all things that mean "community" to people - things like old farms, a rabbi blowing a shofar, wedding rings, dolphins. About everything one can imagine. There are even some pictures painted in the style of trompe de oliel. Amazing. If you're ever near Washington, DC, it's a must see.

Here's Patricia checking out the trompe d'oliel up close and personal. It's really amazing that this is a 2D picture. So well done. Even the shadows are spot on. The ivy is painted also and, in the ivy are small hidden animals, such as butterflies and birds. I never saw those before but spotted them this time.

Just totally amazing to me. Consider that this is all painted. No wonder it took the artist 5 years to complete the Community Bridge.

The pretty girls are real, the statue is still 2D in tromp d'oliel style. I sort of wish I looked like any of them! They're all so beautiful. Mom and I truly enjoyed the time we got to spend with them last week. And, I have a new friend in Brazil now. Patricia: Todo bem?

Here's a funny story; when I met Patricia, I was informed that her name was not pronounced like we Americans pronounce Patricia - it was Pa-Tree-See-Ah. The accent on the 2nd syllable threw me and I struggled all day to try to remember how to pronounce it. It was the next day that I heard Carina call her "Patchy." "Patchy?" I said. Her name is "Patchy?!" THAT I could pronounce. Turns out her nickname is Patchy so she was Patchy from thereon out. Whatever I called her, she was as darling as Carina. And as beautiful. Say it with me and say it proud - we hate them...

More about the community bridge later. It's late and visitors are gone for the night. Mom and I and 5 dogs are about to call it a night.

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