Sunday, September 18, 2011

This article needs a little love, please...

I've had this dessert shooter lens in the top tier in Squidoo for 3 months and would sure like to reap the benefits of another month - around $37! I'd appreciate any visits and a few comments - that should tip it back into the top tier tomorrow. Anyone? Come on now, be supportive:

Dessert shooters

And, as a bonus, here's a few more cute pics I found on my camera card:

 John and Mom at happy hour the other day. Mom was an eating fool this day and topped off a LOT of food with a bourbon and coke. Atta girl!
2 gorgeous Brazilian girls - this is Carina and Patricia (Patchy) who was visiting. Patchy was here from Hawaii on her way to Brazil. It was a pleasure to have her around a few days and John and I can't wait to travel to Brazil to be reunited. A trip is in the plans!

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  1. I love You!! Thank you so much for everything!


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